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We expressed our desire to leave the company when we were at the peak of our popularity. We think that’s why our announcement left such a great impact. If we had said that we wanted to leave the company when we weren’t very popular, it might have seemed like we were coming up with excuses. But we believed that by leaving when we were at the top, it would be better understood by the world and by the masses that we were hurting inside. We believed that when kids who look like they have everything they could have, ever said that they did not have a choice, others would realize ‘There must be a reason for it,’ and try to understand us.
—JYJ  (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)

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TVXQ's sex solos Yunho: Crazy Life, Checkmate, Honey Bunny Funny
Junsu: Xiahtic, Intoxication, Lullaby, Turn It Up, No Reason
Jaejoong: Kiss B
Changmin: Heaven's Day
Yoochun: ....